What to pack in your First Aid Bag

What to pack in your first aid kid?

By dr Charlotte-Louise Enslin

It is wise to keep a first aid kit at home for those unpredictable emergencies. The content of the first aid kit will depend on your individual and family’s needs but here is a comprehensive list that can be altered accordingly. Always keep the first aid bag safe and out of reach of children and remember to keep the instructions, if storing medication too.


·        Disinfectant

·        Tweezers

·        Scissors

·        Pair of gloves

·        Bandages

·        Plasters/Dressings

·        Specific dressings for burns like Burnshield

Intestinal problems:

Medication for:

·        Vomiting

·        Stomach cramps

·        Antacids

·        Anti-diarrhoea sachets or tablets

·        Rehydration fluid

·        Probiotics

(Remember that +/-70% of gastroenterisis is caused by  viral infections and can be resolved by basic medication as mentioned above)

Pain and fever

·        Paracetamol and Ibuprofen tablets and syrup. Paracetamol or anti-inflammatory suppositories  comes in handy if a child has a really high fever

·        Prescription medication for specific problems like migraine

·        Anti-inflammatory tablets, gel  and patches for muscle strain or injury

·        Bean bag

Skin problems:

·        Anti-histamine cream for itchy bites

·        Anti-bacterial cream

·        Anti-septic cream

Ear, nose and throat problems:

·        Decongestive nose spray

·        Saline nose spray

·        Flu and cold remedy

·        Throat lozenges/spray

·        Cough mixture

·        Anti-histamine tablets and syrup for allergies



·        Anti-fungal cream if prone to vaginal yeast infection

·        Citro-soda or OTC medication for bladder infections

·        Laxative/ stool softners if prone to constipation



Specific brand names of products cannot be mentioned but speak to your pharmacist who will gladly assist.

Keep emergency numbers stored on your phone.

Remember to check expiratory dates regularly and discard expired medication.


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